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Application of relay voltage regulator solutions in domestic and industrial equipment
Release Time:2023-04-12 14:48:36

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, our life is inseparable from all kinds of electrical equipment. The stability of voltage is very important for both household and industrial electricity consumption. A voltage that is too high or too low will have a great impact on the normal use of the device, or even lead to the damage of the device. Therefore, the application of voltage regulator is becoming more and more extensive.

The relay voltage regulator is a kind of traditional voltage regulator, it has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and so on, and has been widely used in household equipment and industrial equipment. Moreover, the voltage range of the relay regulator is wide to 45-280V, which can effectively solve the problem of voltage fluctuation, but also has practicability and high cost performance, so it has become the preferred voltage regulator scheme.

Relaying voltage regulators in household equipment

In daily life, people use more and more electrical equipment, such as TV, computer, refrigerator, washing machine and so on. These devices all need a stable voltage to keep them working properly. However, in general, the voltage of the household electricity is often affected by factors such as voltage fluctuations in the grid, resulting in too high or too low voltage, which affects the normal use of the equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to use the relay regulator to stabilize voltage in household equipment.

The main principle of the relay regulator is to use the switching principle of the relay, through the control of the relay on and off, adjust the output voltage. Because the voltage control circuit is simple, compact structure, no high cost components such as large transformers and capacitors, so its cost is low, small size, very convenient to use.

Relaying voltage regulators in industrial equipment

In addition to household equipment, the relay voltage regulator is also widely used in industrial equipment. In some special industrial equipment, cooling systems, automatic control systems, electronic computers and so on need stable voltage, and these equipment is more sensitive to voltage fluctuations, requiring higher stability of the output voltage.

The relay regulator can solve these problems effectively. It has good linear output, high output voltage stability, good peak factor, strong reliability, long service life and other advantages. Therefore, it is necessary to use relay voltage regulator in industrial equipment to stabilize voltage.

Characteristics of relay voltage regulator

The application of relay voltage regulator in household equipment and industrial equipment has the following characteristics:

1. Wide range of voltage regulator

The voltage range of the relay regulator is relatively wide, up to 45-280V, which can solve the problem of voltage fluctuation of the grid to a certain extent.

2. Practical

The relay regulator can be wall hanging, can also be made into a desktop plus roller, this feature makes the installation and use of the relay regulator is very convenient, suitable for a variety of different occasions.

3. High cost performance

Compared with other voltage regulator solutions, the cost of the relay voltage regulator is relatively low. Therefore, its cost performance is also very high.

Application case of relay voltage regulator

Relay voltage regulator in different industries have a wide range of applications, the following introduces a 45V AC load air conditioning application case:

In some places, the voltage of the power supply network is unstable. When the temperature reaches about 38℃, and the air conditioning is running at this time, the voltage may be too low, which affects the normal refrigeration of the air conditioning. In order to avoid this situation, a relay voltage regulator can be installed on the air conditioner to stabilize the voltage within the appropriate range and ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner.

In short, as a traditional voltage regulator scheme, the relay regulator is widely used in household equipment and industrial equipment, with a wide range of voltage regulator, strong practicability, high cost performance and other characteristics, is often used as one of the voltage regulator schemes.
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