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Why Choose Us
Sanyuan Huineng focuses on high-end customer customization services, providing professional customized services for domestic and foreign customers, based on solving customer pain point problems. Think of customers, Sanyuanhui can adhere to provide customers with the best quality products, the most professional supporting programs. Perfect production workshop and advanced production equipment and testing equipment, for each production link, strict quality control.At present, the products are automatic AC voltage regulator, transformer and main parts (iron core, transformer, control board, watch head, relay, iron shell, etc). Contains relays from 500 VA—2000KVA power range and motor type regulators. We have classic TMB/SMB/TMH/TME and new TMP/TMS/TMR series.
Stable And Excellent Performance
The voltage regulator is mainly composed of transformer, relay or servo motor, control board and other components. In the manufacturing process, the iron core adopts high quality silicon steel sheet, precision docking, small loss of iron core and high efficiency. Other electronic components are mainly used by international famous brands, stable and excellent performance.
Stable And Excellent Performance
Stable And Excellent Performance
Stable And Excellent Performance
Professional R & D Team
The company has a leading industry and fully independent property rights of the core patent technology, but also has a dedicated, professional R & D team, built a complete set of professional laboratories, such as moisture-proof, shockproof, high-voltage and low-temperature resistance, the first equipment with independent intellectual property industry leading automatic testing, aging production line, the main core components of power products are self-sufficient; vacuum process to achieve the transformer core components of oxygen-free fire, self-developed core parameter analysis equipment and perfect transformer insulation treatment equipment, for the perfect quality of each power product laid a solid foundation.
We Have Exclusive Patents
The company 20 years deep ploughing voltage regulator industry, in the control circuit and voltage stabilizer function realization, we have the exclusive patent, such as zero arc extinguishing, anti-time protection, anti-pull down and other core technologies, among which the unique adaptive arc extinguishing technology is a subversive innovation to the industry arc extinguishing technology, and has been equipped with products for two years, the arc extinguishing effect is excellent, so that the equipment failure rate is extremely low, thus improving the overall service life and service experience of the voltage regulator. In addition to relay voltage regulator manufacturing technology and core technology leading, servo voltage regulator and three-phase voltage regulator have outstanding quality advantages and strong technology accumulation, in the changing input voltage, Has the exclusive voltage regulator real-time output maximum power to the output voltage control technology.
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